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Nottingham Ridge: An Example Why Bay Recovery Progresses So Slowly?

NOVEMBER 2014 UPDATE In September Baltimore County finally directed the owner of the Nottingham Ridge site to halt erosion, but is unclear whether this applied to a couple of acres or all 23 acres of exposed soil on the site.  … Continue reading

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Why Your Help Is So Urgently Needed: The 4th Street Rain Garden Saga

After 8 Months It’s Finally Restored The following article was posted last March.  A few weeks ago the 4th Street Rain Garden was finally restored, thanks to the City of Annapolis.  So, one BMP restored; several tens of thousands in … Continue reading

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Challenges of Supporting Agriculture & Reducing Farm Pollution

In the 1970s I had the honor of serving on the Baltimore County Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors.  I was the “urban” supervisor.  My four fellow Board members were farm owners.  At first our relationship was strained to say … Continue reading

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MAPP Transmission Line Haunts Landowners & Ratepayers

A few years ago CEDS helped organize a 40-member coalition of local, state and national organizations who had a number of very serious questions about a $1.2 billion, multistate transmission line project known as MAPP (Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway).  This project … Continue reading

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YouTube Presentations & Workshops To Accelerate Restoration of Your Favorite Waters

CEDS has uploaded three narrated presentations to YouTube that would allow both volunteers and watershed organization staff to quickly learn how to: Reduce the Impact of the Big Six Pollution Sources in Your Watershed; Ensure Stormwater BMPs Provide Maximum Pollution Reduction; … Continue reading

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BMP Coops & Watershed Groups: A Solution to the Stormwater Maintenance Dilemma?

THE PROBLEM:  There may be 100,000 stormwater ponds and other Best Management Practices (BMPs) throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  While no one knows for certain, lack of maintenance may have caused a substantial portion to fail.  If this is true then … Continue reading

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Restoring 4600 Miles of Maryland Degraded Waters & the Stormwater Fee

Though no Maryland home is more than a 15-minute walk from the nearest waterway, the waters closest to 70% of us are unfit for our use due to stormwater pollution and related impacts.  The stormwater fee could restore many of these … Continue reading

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Maximizing Stormwater Benefits Via Citizen-State-EPA Oversight

The stormwater runoff from suburban-urban lands degrades 13% of the 100,000 miles of waterways making up the Chesapeake Bay system.  This figure could be growing by another 400 miles annually due to new development.  However, all six Bay watershed states and the … Continue reading

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Gas Station Blight: Is A Needs Test A Solution For Your Area

This month marks the 100th anniversary since the first modern gas station opened in the USA.   Today there’s nearly 153,000 stations nationwide, but they’re closing at the alarming rate of 2500 per year! A substantial number of the closures are due … Continue reading

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Survey Shows Watershed Groups Halt Substantial Local & Bay Pollution

An amazing 82% of watershed groups have engaged in at least one activity to halt pollution affecting their waterway and the Bay.  More than half the time they succeeded in reducing pollution inputs. These are two of the principle findings from … Continue reading

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