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Taking Control of Growth

If you’re tired of suffering the pains of growth with few apparent benefits, then the solution could be just one election away.   To set growth management on a more responsible course I urge you to join with other citizen … Continue reading

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25% of Flood-Stormwater Pollution Controls Failing

The latest Greater Baltimore Survey report documents that a fourth of the ponds and other flood-stormwater pollution control measures in the region are failing.  While the report focused on just 4% of the Chesapeake Bay watershed area, the region may … Continue reading

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Making Roads in Your County-City Safer

To learn how the safety of roads in your area compares with the rest of Maryland check out the two charts below.  The first chart shows the rate for all crashes and the second gives the fatal crash rate.  While safer … Continue reading

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Volunteer Campaign Makes Possible 61% Improvement in Construction Site Erosion Control

Throughout the nation watershed advocates struggle with poor Clean Water law compliance, but this may change thanks to a very successful experiment in the Baltimore portion of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Over a 12-month period, 70 volunteers and 40 local, … Continue reading

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Compliance Index: An Essential Watershed Restoration Tool

New shopping centers, highways, housing projects and other development is the only source of pollution which is growing in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  We rely upon a number of programs to ensure that we get the benefits of this growth … Continue reading

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Bird River: An Emerging Model for Accelerating Watershed Restoration

Of all of the Chesapeake Bay’s 100,000 miles of tributaries, Bird River is arguably the most severely impacted by sediment.  But a combination of government funded projects and citizen advocacy for improved clean water law enforcement may bring about recovery … Continue reading

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CEDS Workshops – Winning More Land Use & Watershed Protection Battles

CEDS is offering the following workshops, limited to ten people each: Wednesday, Jan 28th, 1:00 – 4:00 PM, Watershed Audit: The Quickest Way to Correct Multiple Pollution Sources Degrading a Waterway & Expand Your Base of Public Support, Political Clout. … Continue reading

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