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15 Groups Call for Improving Baltimore County Environmental Site Design

Environmental Site Design (ESD) offers the possibility of gaining the benefits of growth with little or no aquatic resource impact.  However, since ESD was adopted in Maryland in 2007 there appears to have been minimal oversight to ensure full compliance.  Therefore, … Continue reading

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Exposed Soil = Pollution: Please Spread The Word

Exposed soil on a construction site usually means two things.  First, a nearby waterway will be polluted come the next big storm.  Second, you’re likely witnessing a violation of erosion and sediment control laws.   Unfortunately, only a small fraction of … Continue reading

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Stormwater Inspection Staff To Quarduple

In 2001, the Anne Arundel County (MD) stormwater inspection staff was inexplicably reduced from seven to one.  As a result of a dramatic decline in inspections and maintenance, half of the County’s 11,000+ stormwater ponds and other Best Management Practices failed … Continue reading

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Watershed Development & Forests: How Much Is Too Much, Too Little?

If you’ve been depending upon stormwater management, sediment control or other protection measures to preserve your favorite waters from development impacts, then you’re likely in for disappointment.  While these measures definitely provide benefits, they are insufficient to protect sensitive waters from damage.  … Continue reading

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Restoring Suburban-Urban Waters & The Bay: MS4 Annual Reports Key To Success

Because most of us live in suburban-urban areas, the waters nearest our homes are also mostly unfit for our use (see Kid-Safe Waters article below).  Federal law requires that many cities, towns and intensely developed counties obtain a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer … Continue reading

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Kid-Safe Waters: A New Aquatic Resource Protection Goal?

Four out of five Americans live in urban areas which means most of our neighborhood waters are probably unsafe for our children.  The threat to safety comes from the disease-causing organisms washed into these waters with each storm and other sources, such … Continue reading

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Illinois Neighborhood Association Wins Gas Station Battle

Closed gas stations, like that pictured above, are far too common. The recent advent of “hypermarts” with a dozen or more pumps and large stores has accelerated the decline of small, independently owned gas stations. While certainly convenient, the cheap … Continue reading

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Gas Pipeline Siting Process Severely Flawed

Throughout the nation there are 305,000 miles of natural gas transmission pipelines, with thousands of more miles proposed.  Those living near one of these projects can face an unimaginable threat and a great deal of frustration in achieving a reasonable solution. … Continue reading

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